Famous lines from the acclaimed novel:   

   "All you need to know, Cadet, is your God and your duty. God can take care of himself.

          Your concern is duty. Duty. Duty. Duty. Never forget that."

                                                                                          --Robert E. Lee.

    "You must write to me now, Becky. You must teach me how to pray, and please pitch in    

          yourself,...for now I am ordered to pray for myself and all our pitiful souls. That's

          a tall order, I think, even for you and the Widow. 

                                         With love and hope, yours ever... 

                                                                                           --Huck Finn 

    "Well, it's still a long shot, but it's a damned sight more interesting long shot now."

                                                                                           --Tom Sawyer

    "You can go to Hell, Major, for all I care."

                                                                                           --Becky Thatcher

    "All right then, I'll go to Hell."
​                                                                                           --Major Sid Sawyer                                                  

Dan Walker

 Huckleberry Finn In Love and War: The Lost Journals

 This novel, a sequel to Mark Twain's classic, is the product of years of teaching and thinking. 
Walker answers the questions Twain avoided: What if Huck carries out his promise, at the end of
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, to “light out for the Territory”? Twain himself got a few
pages into the prairie and lost interest. But what if Huck, Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher, and the rest
are caught up—as most Americans were—in the crisis of the Civil War? What choices will they
have to make when history calls? For the ageless Boy who once said, “All right then, I’ll go to Hell,”
what might that mean in the Valley of Mexico, parted from the love of his life, or behind Rebel lines
in the Wilderness of central Virginia with the duty to kill or capture former guardians and mentors
​ on the other side? And what are his old friends from Missouri really up to?
Hell might be preferable.

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