Dan Walker : The Iron John Trilogy

Part 1:The Boy and the Princess&Part 2:What Can Go Wrong.

A two-part story based on the original Grimm’s fairy tale. In some ways it parodies Robert Bly's
but this (as originally told in Dan's class) had to be much better, in order to keep
seniors interested after exams. Bly used it to explain male psychology, which is like using lyric
​ poetry to discuss the subtlety of a hip fracture. Dan was interested in entertainment.
 So of course there’s still a Boy, a Princess, and a Castle. And a forest.... and magic….and eagles...
Part 3: The Stunning Conclusion, by popular demand... 

Because things have to conclude, you know. And they do—much differently than in the version by

 the brothers Grimm. For example, can the world’s destruction be prevented only by destroying 
magic? And if John the Great's son--"John the Turd," as his illustrious father called him--can
become John the Third, can his son, the 'Johnny X" of strange origins, save the world and magic?
And what will happen (at the end) to the teller of the whole trilogy, who says he heard it from a
ragged old camper many years ago? Oh, and are there still a Boy and a Princess? Of course! 

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< Get a signed copy !