Dan’s experience gives an idea of the forces fighting for control of his head: He worked for ten seasons as a Ranger/Historian at Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania National Military Park, and for twelve years before that as a Ranger at Shenandoah National Park. He has a BA in History from W&M ('69), an MA in English ('71) and Ed.D. ('88) from U.VA. He has taught for 42 years: social studies in middle school, English and creative writing in high school, and professional education at the university level. Dan retired from the faculty of the Commonwealth Governor’s School  in 2011, but remains connected with CGS as an occasional speaker and consultant. He has delivered presentations at national conferences and has published poetry, articles in professional journals, and books on the teaching of English--in addition to the fiction featured here.    Dan and his wife of 42 years live on a small farm in Virginia with ten cats, three dogs, two horses, two chickens, an assortment of keyboards (not fully housebroken) and one pear tree—with, so far, no partridges in it.

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About the Author: Dan Walker

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                         What should be the next project? What are your suggestions? Hopes? Fears? Demands...? 

1)The "What If..." project: a book of ideas for engaging students (and writers) with ideas for sequels, prequels, mutations, parodies, and other spinoffs of well-known books, poems, and plays--maybe with a page of examples on this site. Is that a good idea? Has literature not suffered enough already? Warning: There's already a long paper trail for this.

2) A book of poems: they have been festering (oops--getting revised) way too long.

3) An actual true book on something: (e.g. a Civil War figure or battle).

4) Something else?...